Part of a series of films for the charity Spectrum. The films were commisioned by Art & Graft to portray the impact the charity has had on their service users and to raise awarness of Autism.The brief from Spectrum and Art & Graft was simple and unrestrictive, to create an animated portrait of a Spectrum service user from a selection of scripts they had compiled.
During my visit to Truro I met Michelle, the inspiration behind my film. Michelle makes amazing art. A miniature paper world of handcrafted costumes, furniture, toys and accessories occupying a dresser drawer were testament to her artistic talent. It was this internal world contrasted with my own exterior perspective that would become the central concept of the film.
The piece was screened along with the others in the series at the Saatchi Gallery, check out all the other amazing pieces here...


Client: Spectrum ASD
Director: Kristian Andrews
Aditional animation: Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
Music: Nic Gill
Production: Studio aka
Excutive production: Art & Graft